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Our story begins with a 4-H project on 2 acres in 1979 in Carlisle, Massachusetts.............our first back yard.

John Jr started us off with "Buttercup", a beautiful jersey cow. She lived in our little barn and supplied us with more milk, cream, yogurt, butter, and ice cream than we could use and so we gladly shared with neighbors.

Douglas followed with 2 black angus heifer calves from Gibbet Hill angus farm, Groton, Massachusetts.  Because Buttercup occupied our yard, the angus calves lived in Mr. Davis' pasture down the road.  The angus herd continued to grow and in 1984, John accepted a new job in St. Louis when we moved closer to family and onto a peaceful farm at the end of the road in Alhambra, IL.  We brought the 4 best cows with us and entered Illinois 4-H.  And the herd continued to grow.

We continued our cow-calf operation and began providing specialty sausages on the internet and at farmers' markets and fairs in 2008.  In 2012, after 33 years of  cows and baby calves, we handed the cow/calf operation over to a neighbor and now raise the weaned calves on our pasture and hay.  With that change, we decided to concentrate on providing local fresh, natural beef.